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EAW RL18S aktiv 18" sub bas i högsta proffsklass. 1000W. Låg vikt 32kg utan förpackning. Många avancerade funktioner, basljudet kan riktas på 3 olika sätt tex. Fantastisk ljudkvalitet och kraft.

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Artikel nr : EawRL18s
Kortnamn : EAW RL18S aktiv 18" sub bas i högsta proffsklass. 1000W. Låg vikt 32kg utan förpackning. Många avancerade funktioner, basljudet kan riktas på 3 olika sätt tex. Fantastisk ljudkvalitet och kraft.
Märke : EAW RL18S
Vikt : 40.00 kg
Volym : 2.00 m3
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Fabrikat : EAW (http://www.eaw.com/)
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EAW RL18S aktiv 18" sub bas i högsta proffsklass. 1000W. Många avancerade funktioner, basljudet kan riktas på 3 olika sätt tex. Fantastisk ljudkvalitet och kraft.

The RL18 sub has three modes of operation– standalone, and forward or rear facing cardioid modes. Simply stack a pair of RL18s then choose the appropriate mode to create a cardioid sub array. It takes about less than a minute. Way cool.

EAW claim the three included voicings let you "sound like you spent hours tuning", and it’s largely true. The RL15 and RL18S combo is elegant and powerful, and importantly it sounds good the moment you turn it on. In a space with half-decent acoustics you could easily use this system with no EQ – it’s quite linear.

I’ve often found that subwoofers in this type of setup commonly run out of puff before the corresponding mid-high cabinet, but this was certainly not the case with the RL18S. The frequency response data shows a rapid if very linear roll-off from 40Hz (-10dB at 30Hz), which is largely in line with what you’d expect from a cabinet of this volume. There’s an audible peak around 50Hz, and again this is consistent with the plot data.

Data aside, the RL18S certainly had no problem rattling many parts of our building, and its brutal output level is a great match for the RL15. At my relatively short listening distance I found turning the sub down by 6dB yielded a nicely balanced response, but for larger spaces I’d likely just run both inputs at 0dB. I didn’t try the cardioid mode, but assuming it follows spec the same way as everything else it should be good.

I like the RL series. I like how it looks, I like how it sounds, I like the price and build quality, and I especially like that the range is not over-complicated with too many models. Simple things, done well.

From corporate events to festivals, every aspect of the design has been targeted at making life easier for the live sound professional. From transducers and electronics to enclosure design and fitments, Redline is built to live in the working world of demanding clients, tight schedules and even tighter budgets.

The RL18S includes a complete on-board 1,000-watt electronics package mated to a highly-customized precision transducer engineered to meet the specific demands of the Redline family. In addition to signature EAW acoustical design, DynO™ algorithms optimize the power transfer from amplifiers to transducers to audience to optimize headroom and integrity of sound at maximum output. Push-button cardioid functionality (using two or more RL18S subwoofers) keeps low-frequency energy off the stage and on the audience, and a rear-panel LED mute keeps Redline invisible in aesthetically-sensitive situations.

The RL18S enclosure incorporates EAW’s signature SB enclosure rear angle to minimize input panel visibility in cardioid mode, integral road glove-ready wood handles and sleek but strong sculpted grilles on RoadCoat™ enclosures that can take a beating without showing it. In short, Redline is meant to be used – over and over.

  • Superb sound quality at any output level due to custom-designed transducers and porting, signature EAW Focusing™ and DynO™ dynamic optimization processing and 1,250 watts of bi-amplified Class-D Power Factor Corrected amplification
  • Road-ready EAW Roadcoat™ wooden enclosure with integral glove-ready handles, pole cup and M8 suspension points
  • Enclosure depth is optimized so that, with one subwoofer rotated, cardioid pattern can be generated in seconds with two button presses
  • Recessed input panel with push-button cardioid functionality, rear-panel LED mute function, robust PowerCon inlet and loop connectors and LED mute function for visually-sensitive environments


  • Subsystem Transducers: 1× 18in,4in voice coil cone
  • Loading Vented
  • Operating Mode Single Amp
  • Signal Processing DSP w/DynO™


  • Operating Range 30 Hz to 160 Hz
  • Nominal Beamwidth Horizontal 360° Vertical 360°
  • Axial Output Limit Peak 133 dB


  • Input Electronically balanced XLRF
  • Loop Electronicallly balanced XLRM
  • Amplifier
    • Class D
    • 1000 W @ 8 ohm
    • Integral DSP limiting
  • AC Mains (nominal)
    • Neutrik PowerCon
    • 50 Hz to 60 Hz
    • 100V to 240V
  • Indicators (LED)
    • Amplifier Status
    • Signal Present
    • Limiter Active
    • Clip
    • Mode 3x


EAW Amerikanska ljudentusiaster som bygger helt enastående proffshögtalare med extrem ljudkvalitet. Högtalarelement som de designar själva, låter bättre än allt vi ha hört tidigare. Och vi har hört mycket!

EAW är Eastern Acoustic Works, på Amerikas östsida. De är erkända över hela världen för sitt mästerverk inom ljudkonst.

EAW USA - bäst i världen på ljud enligt oss. https://www.eaw.com/

EAW är uppköpta av RCF

Eastern Acoustic Works was co-founded in 1978 by partners Kenneth Berger and Kenton Forsythe, who had previously worked together at Forsythe Audio.

EAW's first single enclosure system was the CS-3 designed for Carlo Sound in Nashville, Tennessee. It combined a B-215 dual 15-in low-frequency horn, a MR102 12-in mid-frequency horn and a Community BRH90 high frequency horn into one gigantic box, and was the first commercially available horn-loaded single enclosure box system.[1]

In 1985 EAW became famous by developing the KF850 loudspeaker system.[2] For many years this system was the standard among loudspeakers used for professional touring shows. With this system EAW gained much of its credibility in the professional audio industry. Carlo Sound and Sun Sound were among the first regional sound rental companies to receive the KF850's.[3]

EAW also became well known for creating custom loudspeaker designs for specific projects and applications. Technologies developed for these designs have led to the development of many of EAW's standard products, which are mainly used in professional and commercial sound reinforcement applications, such as concert venues, music and dance clubs, theaters, stadiums, theme parks, and houses of worship.

In 2000 EAW was purchased by Mackie Designs, Inc.,[4] now called LOUD Audio, LLC.

In 2018, EAW was purchased by RCF audio, to be run as a separate entity.[5]

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