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Mackie HD1801 Sub demo ex

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Artikel nr : MAChd1801
Kortnamn : Mackie HD1801 Sub demo ex
Märke : Mackie HD1801 Sub
Vikt : 48.10 kg
Volym : 0.30 m3
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Mackie HD-1801 aktiv sub med EAW 18" bas, dubbelt starkare än nya modellerna, demo ex, 3200W peak 1600W program 800W rms. 18" sub med extrem slagkraft och perfekt definition. Kom och lyssna! EAW är världens tyngsta tillverkare av högtalare. Super-pro. Obs: EAW är ett ännu bättre märke, kostar 3x mer än Mackie. Demo ex med repor.

Class-D Fast Recovery™ AMP. 18 tums high-output woofer med 4-tums spole, Mackie aktiv elektronik med integrerat stereo-delningsfilter. Designat och tunat av EAW.

133 dB SPL max output (peak @ 1m)
35 Hz to 145 Hz operating range
Active electronics provide complete system optimization
Symmetrical Linkwitz-Riley crossover (100Hz, 24dB/octave)
Precision tuning filters for ultra-accurate bass reproduction
Phase alignment to perfectly complement Mackie full-range HD loudspeakers
Ported, direct-radiating design for maximum punch and low-frequency extension
Designed and tuned by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)
Dual XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs for mono or stereo setups
Level control and polarity invert switch with LED indicator
Signal/limit and thermal LED indicators
Integrated protection and limiting circuitry
Rugged all-wood cabinet (15mm birch plywood)
Pole mount receptacle for mounting full range speaker
12 integrated M10 flypoints
Optional Caster Kit
48.1 kg

HD1801 18" Powered Subwoofer, creating an immensely powerful and truly high-definition PA system that you can actually transport from gig to gig. Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification makes the HD1801 ultra-efficient, effortlessly delivering massive power to the 18" driver that’s custom-designed to handle the job. Expertly tweaked tuning filters, internal crossovers and protection circuitry are designed by EAW for the ultimate in professional performance.

A Massive System in a Snap

You’ve probably been to a large club or performance venue that has an installed PA that sounds amazing. You’ve probably dreamed of getting a similar system for your needs, but…you’ve got those pesky "bills" and "child support" to deal with and they are simply out of your reach. Well, an affordable and great-sounding alternative is now available. The precision-tuned HD1801 is the perfect match with a high-pass output specifically designed to alleviate the power-hungry low frequencies from getting to your top boxes, allowing them to do what they do best. This powerful HD system features tons of protective circuitry like peak and RMS limiting and over-excursion/thermal protection to keep the sound pumping at all costs.

Power and Agility

Class-D amps allow for extremely high-output in a design that is much lighter than traditional amplifiers. Normally, a sub that can push that kind of power is no fun to lug around. Okay, we can’t promise a fun load in, but we can say that your subs are now probably lighter than your bassist’s rig. It’s also really compact, which means you might even be able to carry it all by yourself…sorry roadies. Plus, our Fast Recovery™ design allows the amplifier to recover more quickly when pushed into clipping. This means less distortion when things get too loud.

Tweaked and Tuned

Mackie has once again called on the sonic geniuses over at EAW to make the HD1801 the most punchy, chest-pounding subwoofer in its class. The ported, direct-radiating design means super-low frequency extension that is smooth and powerful. EAW also custom specified the 18" driver to work in perfect harmony with the amplifier. Some of the other guys claim high wattage, but use limiters to reduce the amount of actual power that hits the speaker. That’s like buying a 40-year-old single malt scotch and mixing it with Mountain Dew. We would never do that to you… the woofer is designed to soak up each and every bit of power the amp puts out. 

Let’s face it. Most stages are pretty small. I mean, they want to pack in drink-buying people, not make room for on-stage tomfoolery. That’s why we decided to incorporate rigging points onto the HD1801. Flying subs clears up tons of floor space and looks, well…pretty darn impressive. You can even flip off that trademark "Mackie Blue" LED on the front if you want the HD1801 to blend seamlessly into the background. But, some of you are going to have to transport this guy from show to show. That’s why the HD1801 embodies Mackie’s "Built-Like-A-Tank" philosophy and is certifiably road-worthy. First off, the enclosure is built using 15mm birch. Wood is not only more durable than plastic, but delivers a more natural sound. Hey, we were founded by hippies and dig that natural stuff. But, outward appearances do matter, so we’ve covered the HD1801 in durable textured black paint that minimizes the risk of scratching. The grill is equally robust, made using powder coated steel and flush with the enclosure to avoid denting. Throw in the fact that is one of the most compact subwoofers available and you’ve got an ultra-professional bass bin that can be tossed in the back of your sub-compact, bio-diesel electric hybrid (like I said…founded by hippies).

Ett års garanti. Mackie har extremt hög kvalitet. Mackie äger EAW och Martin. Denna produkt kan även hämtas i Västberga, Krylbo och Stockholm.
Köp eller hyr till nettopris, lagershop 1 500 kvm vid Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö Ängsväg 6 under Willys. Gångavstånd Älvsjö station.
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Öppet M-F 10-18, L-S 11-16

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